1st Sunday

Caveh turns 4 years old, Berkeley, 11am
5th Thursday

My friends at St. Charles School, SF, 9am

6th Friday

Haight Asbury coop School, SF, 11am
7th Saturday Selina's giant 7th birthday, San Pablo, 3pm
Pack 65 Blue and Gold show, San Carlos, 5:30
8th Sunday Sweet Sarita turns 6, Menlo Park, 2:45pm
10th Tuesday O.L.V. Catholic School, SF, 1:30pm
Saint Monica's School, SF, 9:15am
12th Thursday Bayshore School, 2 shows, Daly City, 10:20, 11:15am
14th Saturday Mariana's incredible 7th birthday, San Rafael, 2:20pm
23rd Monday

MAGIC DAY'S BIRTHDAY -- Once again he turns 39.

26th Thursday Daniel Webster School, Daly City, 2 shows
28th Saturday Peter and Joanna have a big birthday, SF, 12pm