2nd Tuesday Fiesta Garden School, San Mateo, 9:30am
3rd Wednesday

My friends a St. Thomas the Apostle School, SF, 9:15am
4th Thursday San Mateo Park School, San Mateo, 9:30am
6th Saturday Blue and Gold Dinner, San Carlos, 6pm
7th Sunday Naila's Amazing 7th birthday, SF, 1:45pm
9th Tuesday St. Monica's School for 25 years in a row, SF, 9:15am
10th Wednesday Parkside School, San Mateo, 9:30am
11th Thursday North Shoreview School, San Mateo, 9:30am
13th Saturday Conrad's Giant 8th birthday, Albany, 11:45am
17th Wednesday St. Brigid's School, SF, 9:30am
20th Saturday BIG Owen turns 3 yearsl old, Berkeley, 12pm
23rd Tuesday MY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!
24th Wednesday St. Charles School, 9am
Holy Name School, SF, 1:30pm
25th Thursday Chinese Imersion School, 2 shows
26th Friday Star of the Sea School, again 25 years in a row!
Makai's huge 8th birthday, SF, 6:30pm
28th Sunday Sweet Nicholas turns 5, SF, 11am
29th Monday Joel Hidahl Elementary, 2 shows in Ceres
Celebrating Ruth's 100th birthday!!!